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So, you are going to write:
Business letter

This page is for people looking for help in writing business-related letters & all kinds of contracts, agreements etc. Writing is one of the most sought-after attributes in the business world today. Almost every day you have to compose e-mails to your co-workers, write reports to your boss, create proposals for clients, or pen letters to customers. Nothing is more important than presentation. So, your letters should be written professionally.

Congratulatory card

There are a lot of holidays worldwide. Don't waste months off your life slaving over congratulatory letters. We will do it for you! We offer You our collection of congratulations on all occasions: different holidays, Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine's day, Weddings, Birthday... And here is also how to say "Happy Birthday" in 161 different languages of the world!


Do you have Wedding, anniversary, Birthday or other event? Are you planning to invite guests? We will help you to make it beautifully and originally. On our site you may find interesting information and examples of fine invitations.

Love letter

How it is hard to declare your love! One knows a lot of ways to do it: million red roses under your sweetheart's window, love verses sent by a carrier pigeon, serenades under her balcony... We will be glad to give you a chance to make use of our experience in this delicate matter and save your time. Write your love message with our help!

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