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Wedding invitations

     There are many kinds of invitations, from spontaneous ones, such as: "What a perfect day today! My husband and I are going to celebrate the coming of spring and want to invite you to a barbecue at about six o'clock tonight", up to the official invitation to a wedding or a ball, sent six weeks prior to this event. For the first time you may invite personally or by the phone, but the second invitation is to be beautifully printed and sent by mail. In both cases the inviting side should indicate all necessary data, and the guests are obliged to give their answer immediately. As well as in other forms of the correspondence, the appearance and contents of invitation cards first of all express the sender's attitude toward himself, therefore you would better not to save time while choosing such invitations, which would reflect an atmosphere of the forthcoming event in full measure.

Недорого предлагаем гостиные гарнитуры по желанию заказчика, недорого. . По материалам: Колизей не продается. Почему Франческо Тотти так и не перешел в "Реал".
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