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S. 1. Senate 2. senator 3. share 4. society 5. stock 6. supply 7. surplus
S., s series
s. 1. secondary 2. section
SA Securities Act
S.A. savings account
s.a. semiannual
SAA Society of Incorporated Accountants and Auditors
S.A.A.B.R. sex-age-adjusted birth rate
S&L savings and loan association
S&P Standard and Poor
SAVE Society of American Value Engineers
sav(s). savings
SAYE save as you earn
SB savings bond
S.B. 1. savings bank 2. short bill
SBA Small Business Administration
SBIA Small Business Investment Act
SBIC small business investment company
SC, S.C. Security Council (of the United Nations)
sс. scale
SCANS Scheduling and Control by Automated Network Systems
SCF simple cost function
Sci. 1. science 2. scientific SCOOP Scientific Computation of Optimum Programs
sср., sсr. scrip
SCS Soil Conservation Service
S.D., s.d. standard deviation
S.D., S/D sight draft
S.D.R. special drawing rights
SE 1. shareholders' equity 2. standard error 3. stock exchange
s.e. single-entry bookkeeping
SEA 1. Securities Exchange Act 2. state economic area
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
sес. 1. = s. 1. 2. sector
sесs securities
sес(у) secretary
SEDOL Stock Exchange Daily Official List
SEI socioeconomic index
sel. Selected
Sen. = S. 1, 2.
sер. separate
ser. 1. serial 2. = S., s.
SES socioeconomic status
Sess. session
S.E.T. selective employment tax
S.F., s.f. 1. semifinished 2. sinking fund
SFI standardized fertility index
sg signature
sgd, sg(n) signed
sh. = S.3.
shipt shipment
shrs shares

shtg shortage
S.I. short interest
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SIRO service in random order
SITС Standard International Trade Classification
SKU stock-keeping unit
SLC status at last contact
SM. 1. simplex method 2. stepwise maximization
SMA Standard Metropolitan Area
SMR standardized mortality rate
SNTB size of family now thought best
sociol. sociology
Socy = S. 4.
SOMA System Open Market Account
sр. 1. special 2. specific 3. specification 4. specimen
S.P. 1. starting price 2. stochastic process 3. stop of payment
s.p. selling price
SPA Systems and Procedures Association
SPC survey of population change
sр. chrs special charges
spec. = sp. 1, 4.
specif. = sр. 2., 3.
SPT shortest processing time
SPURS special program for urban and regional studies
SQC statistical quality control
SR supplementary reinterview
S.R. short rate
SRO self-regulatory organization
SRS 1. sample registration scheme 2. Statistical Reporting Service
SSA Social Security Act
SSIC Southern States Industrial Council
st. standard
stat., statl statistical
std = st.
St. Ex., St. Exch. stock exchange
STF stock transfer form
Stk = S. 5.
Stk Ex. = St. Ex., St. Exch.
subs. 1. subscription 2. subsidiary
subst. substitute
Sum(m). summary
SUMT sequential unconstrained maximization technique
sup. 1. supplement 2. supplementary
supermart supermarket
Surv. survey
Sv service
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
Sy Crs sundry creditors
Sy Drs sundry debtors
Syst. 1. system 2. systematic
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